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BIOIMAGER BSF780 Complete Epi-Fluorescent Research Stereo Microscopy Package

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Product Description

BIOIMAGER BSF780EF Epi-Fluorescent Stereoscopy Package


The Stereo Fluorescence BISF Series was invented by BIOIMAGER to upgrade standard stereo microscopes to full fluorescence functionality with ease. The BISF is recently developed for the fluorescence community as the best complete fluorescence package and also as an add-on to your standard stereo system (Carl Zeiss, Huvitz, Leica, Meiji Techno, Nikon, Olympus, and others) which benfits frm teh same advanced imaging technqiues that upright/compound microscope users have long enjoyed. The BISF Fluorescence Illuminator gets up to four fluorescence filters that give clear, bright and even fluorescence images. BIOIMAGER offers an extensive set of filters made by Chroma or omega for your fluorescence needs. 



* A high quality super bright imaging solution for stereo epi-fluorescence techniuqes, screening and manipulation of transgenic speciees.  

* Four-position filter slider 

* 100% fluorescent light can be sent directly from the specimen to the optinal photo tube  

* Base configurations availble for epi-fluorescence only or with LED transmitted light source

* Easy upgrade to optinal episcpic imaging and oblique coherent contrast. 

* Ideal Screening Fluorescence Microscope 
* Bright, easily visible outputs. Multiwavelength excitation.
* Custom light adapter source, upgradable for bright GFP, TRITC or any custom design filters.
* Long working distance 

* Perfect tool for studies of Zebrafish, C. elegans, mouse fluorescent imaging, embryo development, microfluiodics or Lab-on-a-chip devices. 

* #1 choice for Vet and IVF labs.  

* We offer up to 40 different specilaized filter cubes.Please contact us for the listing.   


The package includes the following items:  
1. Huvitz HSZ700TR Research Zoom Stereo Microscope (Korean Product, Japanese Quality, Chinese Price)

HSZ-700 Series

Optimized zoom range and color reproduction offer
top quality images.

Interchangeable objective lenses and accessories can be
implemented to provide a guaranteed satisfaction for any
given inspection environment and task.

Galilean Optical System
The Galilean Optical System uses interchangeable objective lens that provide the best quality images.
Effective 7:1 Zoom
The 8x to 56x zoom magnification range accommodates a vast majority of inspection tasks.


To achieve consistent magnification, the Click Stop function has been implemented to improve work
efficiency. (HSZ-730TR)
Variety of Video Ports
Huvitz exclusive video port lenses assure better quality video images for any digital camera systems.
Superior optic system
Accurate color reproduction and high resolution power are the result of superior optic design minimizing
distortion and aberration offering a clear image on wide range and variety of samples.
Built-in LED
Bright and durable LED illumination provides suitable transmission or reflection with low energy
consumption. (HSZ-ILST7)
4 Split LED
Compact and adaptable, this LED illuminator can light each quadrant individually or in any combination to
better manage reflection and observation.


Zoom microscope body
  • Zoom drive : Horizontal knob system
  • Click stop for each zoom magnification: On-Off switching possible
  • Zoom ratio values : 7:1 (0.8~5.6x)
  • Zoom magnification indication : 0.8, 1, 1.25, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 5.6.
  • Objective lens mounting : Screw mounting into thread
Observation tube
  • Trinocular tube(HSZ-TR30), Binocular tube(HSZ-BI30)
  • View inclination angle : 30°
  • Light path selection(only HSZ-TR30) : 2 steps (Binocular 100%, Video 80%-Binocular 20%)
  • Interpupillary distance adjustable range : 55 to 75mm
  • Eyepiece clamping knob provided
Stand (Optional) HSZ-ST7 HSZ-ILSTS7 HSZ-ILST7
HSZ-ST7 Standard large stand LED reflected / transmitted
illumination stand
LED reflected / transmitted
illumination large stand
HSZ-ILST7 Frame installation Mounting diameter : 76mm
HSZ-ILSTL7 Focusting adjustment Knob rotation tension adjustment
Focusing storoke : 120mm
Stage plate
  • HSZ-SPG100
Light source
  • Transmitted illumination: LED
  • Reflected illumination: LED
  • Average LED life span: 10,000 hrs.
  • Input rating: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 10W
Objective lens (Optional)
  • Model
  • HSZ-ACH1x
  • HSZ-ACH1.5x
  • HSZ-ACH2x
  • Working distance
  • W/D : 90.5mm
  • W/D : 81mm
  • W/D : 45.5mm
  • W/D : 33.5mm
Eyepieces Eyepiece series

 Brightfield Reflected light (from top)  Brightfield Transmitted light (from bottom)

Download Huvitz Stereoscope Brochure

2. Epi-Fluorescent System





100% fluorescent light can be sent directly from the specimen to the optinal photo tube  




four-position filter slider

(3 Fluor+1 open/BF) 



100% Epi-fluorescent light from the specimen goes to a camera


Easy filter switch with a shutter to avoid photobleaching & phototoxicity


Fluorescent Attachment

GFP-BP   (EX460-500, DM505, BA510-560)

GFP-LP (EX460-500, DM505, BA510)

CFP-B (EX430-450, DM455, BA465-495)

YFP-B (EX490-510, DM525, BA530-560)

TRITC/DsRed (EX 545/30, DM 570LP, EM 620/60)

RFP-B (EX525-555, DM570, BA585)


100W Ultra hi-voltage spherical mercury lamp, power supplier NFP-1, digital display, shutter.

Note: Custom fluorescent filters such as DAPI/Hoechst, CFP, YFP, etc are available. Contact us for further details. 

  Filter Wheel (up to 4 filters) for fluorescent (not epi-fluorescent) imaging (optional)

3. BCF280ICE-M Monochrome Cooled CCD Digital Camera





CCD chip manufacturer, Sensor


CCD chip model, Sensor type


CCD scan mode, Scan mode


CCD size, Sensor size


Pixel size

4.54μm x4.54μm

G sensitivity, Sensitivity






Optical port

Standard C-mount

Maximum fps

7fps (1912X1452)

17fps (952*720 2x2Bin)

17fps (472*356 4x4Bin)

Low-speed readout


A/D conversion, RGB

12 bit

Exposure control

Automatic /manual

Exposure time


Angle light control


White balance

Automatic /manual

Parameter, Controlling

Image size, bright, gain, exposure

Data interface


USB cable

1.8 meter

USB power supply


Operational temperature


Operational humidity


Storage temperature




Readout noise


Quantum efficiency

77% @525nm
50% @380nm & 720nm

Spectral response

310nm ~1100nm

Dark Current

0.01 e/pixel/s

Full well capacity


Dynamic range


Freeze frame noise reduction


Time exposure

Automatic integral

Cooling temperature

Peltier class I (0℃)

Lens interface

C mount


Global shutter

Total power consumption

<8W without TEC 
<50W with TEC ON

Mac compatible



4.1 Extended Magnifications (Up to 336x)

4.1A: Auxiliary Lenses:

  • HSZ-PLAP01X: Plan Apochromatic 1x lens, Working Distance: 81mm (Included)
  • HSZ-ACH1X: Achromatic 1x lens, WD: 90.5mm
  • HSZ-ACH1.5X: Achromatic 1.5X lens, WD: 45.5mm
  • HSZ-ACH2x: Achromatic 2x lens, WD: 33.5mm; Total zoom range of  1.6x-11.2x without eyepiece magnification

 4.1B: Eyepieces:

  • HSZ-EPA10x, FN22 (Included) 
  • HSZ-EPA15x, FN16
  • HSZ-EPA20x, FN12.5, Focal Magnification: 1.3x
  • HSZ-EPA30x. FN7.0, Focal Magnification: 2x 
  • Reticles
4.1.C: C-Mount Adapters (0.66x, 0.7x and 1.0X)

4.2. Illumination System

4.2.A. BSL-150A Series Cold Light Illumination


BSL-150A Models







Power Supplier

Switch Power 110V/ 220V

T-H Lamp with Reflector 20V/ 150W

Brightness Adjustable

Multi-coated IR Cutoff Filter for Heat Insulation

Fan Cooling

Size: 260×120×150mm

Weight 3.3 kg

Single Light Guide

Rigid Flectional Tube, Length 500mm



Dual Light Guide

Rigid Flectional Tube, Length 500mm



Ring Light Guide

Flexible Tube, Length 1000mm, Adapter Ring Size Φ50mm/ Φ60mm



Kohler Illumination Attachment

Attached on Single or Dual Light Guide to adjust and obtain Even Illumination


4.2.B. LED Ring Light (for brightfield imaging)


 4.3A. Digital High- Precision XY Micrometer Stage


Specification of Stage:

--Stage size: 140 x 140 x 65mm (L x W x H)
--Net Weight: 2.5kgs
--Connection size for stand: 95mm

Specification of Micrometer:

--Measuring: 0-25mm/0-1"
--Resolution: 0.001mm/0.00005"
--Accuracy: 0.002mm
--Power supply: one silver-oxide button battery SR44 (1.5V)
--Operating temperature: 0-+40°
--Storage temperature: -20-70°
--No influence within relative humidity <80%

4.3B. A Mechanical XY Stage
4.4. Heating Stage
Check the detailed specs and other options here.
4.5. Episcopic Illumination
4.6 Other Accessories
Polarizer & Analyzer Darkfield Imaging  
5. Summary of the Package Contents

BSF780 Epi-Fluorescent Stereo Microscope Package for C. Elegans imaging application composed of the following parts:

a)     HSZ-TR30: 30degrees inclined trinocular head observation tube

b)    HSZ-ZB7: microscope body with 0.8x – 5.6x magnification, 7:1 zoom ratio, WD = 90.5mm and detent zoom stop.

c)     HSZ-EPA10x: 10x/FN22 eyepieces, paired

d)    HSZ-ILSTP: LED Transmitted Pillar Type Stand for HSZ-700, Base Size: 290x315mm (LxW), Height: 346mm

e)     HSZ-FM7: Focus Mount for HSZ700

f)     HSZ-SPG: Glass plate (d=160)

g)     HSZ-SPBW: Black & White plate (d=160)

h)    HSZ-CP0.66x:  0.66X C-Mount Adapter

i)      Customized FLS800 Epi-Fluor attachment with GFP filter and mercury power supplier.

j)      Customized TRITC/DsRed Filter cube, EX 545/30, DM 570LP, EM 620/60

k)    BCF280ICE-M Mono cooled CCD 2.8MP (1912x 1452 pixels) 2/3” chip 4.54 um/pixel, USB 2.0 digital camera

 l)    A 0.1mm micrometer calibration slide 

****Optional Items**** 


BHPLS 470-10-15C High power Blue LED spotlights, Type B, 470nm wavelength, with output power 450 mW, and illuminated area 10-17mm at Working Distance 75-100mm.


BHPLS 530-10-15C High power Green LED spotlights, Type B, 530nm wavelength, with output power 250 mW, and illuminated area 10-17mm at Working Distance 75-100mm.


BHP-SLA1000-2 Two-Channel LED Drivers with manual and Analog Input Controls, max current 1000mA


BHP- SLC-24V 24V AC-DC Power Adaptor for BHPLS-series LED drivers.


Customized BHPLS Mount


BSl-150-L Cold Light


BSI150-S Fiber Optic Goose Neck Single Pipe


BSl-150-K koehler illumination attachments.


BSI-150-R Ring Light guide, with I.D.: 58mm


A56.0600-06 Back Light Guides


HSZ-LRLS 4-split LED Ring Light


HSZ-LRA6 LED Ring Light Guide Adapter


HSZ-EPA20x: 20x/FN12.5 eyepieces


1.5x Aux Achromatic obj lens, WD=45.5mm


2.0x Aux Achromatic obj lens, WD=33.5mm


Dust Cover


Training & Installation



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